Extensive Deliverance           Miracle       

Deliverance Healing

Healing Spiritual Oppression

Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministries

Healing Home Staff Reggie and Stephanie

God is a Spirit

Jesus, Spirit, Soul and Body

Holy Spirit, God

Satan is an inferior spirit

Human beings are Spirit, Soul and Body

Spirits operate within a spiritual or spirit realm Satan uses spirits against people, Spirits can transfer.

This book will help your understanding and enable you to defeat, Overcome Satan and his Spirits, because you are the 

Stronger and more powerful Spirit Man!

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Walterboro, SC. 29488


6 am - 7 am

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Erica Joseph Shepherd 



Erica Joseph ​Shepherd Integrated Healing

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Chef Joseph Shepherd

Cooking Foods of the Bible



Erica Joseph Shepherd

Author; Spirits Are Subject Unto You

30 Years Experience

Spirit Warfighter

A Lady  Exorcist








God wants you to experience

A Miracle of Deliverance Healing 

And the Restoration of  Jesus
God wants to bring about wonderful occurrences in your life!

​God wants to Reconnect You To Jesus
And Connect You Into "Himself."
God wants to Restore Your Redemptive Gifting's
God wants to Save, Heal and Deliver You
Through Jesus, By the Power of "His" Holy Spirit
He therefore that Ministereth to you the Spirit
And worketh miracles among you, doeth he it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith. Gal 3:5

Come Exercise Your Faith!
Your entire Christian life is based upon faith. Heb 11:6
You are called to walk by Faith not by the sight of our natural eyes. Faith cometh by hearing. Rom 10:7

Come Exercise Your Faith!
God wants to reveal "Himself" to you!
Come Exercise Your Faith!
God wants to demonstrate the reality of "His" presence to you. God wants to demonstrate miracles and bring forth Deliverance and Healing for you.
Come Exercise Your Faith!
Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry the ministry where you can Experience God's Love, Experience Gods Miracle working power And receive "His" Healing, Deliverance, Inner-Healing.
Come Exercise Your Faith!
This ministry is a ministry of  Jesus

 joining you with the Power and Presence of God by "His" Holy Spirit Giftings!